Wells Fargo About Money: Season 4

In Season 4 of the Wells Fargo About Money podcast, we’re going to get real by sharing money situations and scenarios that happen all the time to millions of us. Real stories. Relatable and usable. We’ll also be sharing valuable life hacks you can use to stay on track, or get back on track, with your finances.

Wells Fargo About Money: Season 3

In Season 3, Michael talks about how we can all sync up our life and our money. We call it LifeSync. When we align what we want to accomplish in life with our money, it can clarify whether money is truly working hard for us to get us where we want to go. To that end, we’re going to keep each episode under 10 minutes so that you can take immediate action to “LifeSync.”

Wells Fargo About Money: Season 2

In Season 2, Michael interviews guests and subject matter experts to uncover the jobs money can do for us. Money can work to help support our family, our lifestyle, our community, and our retirement. Learn how you can help make money work for you.

Wells Fargo About Money: Season 1

For many, money is a taboo topic that is rarely discussed. The question is why? In Season 1, Michael Liersch addresses these taboos head on.